Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

17. How to automatically send reboot request to my provider during downtime?

You can use our service to automatically send email to your provider during downtime, to request for a reboot or any additional investigation.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to Contacts -> Notification Template.
  3. Click "Add New Notification Template".
  4. Change "Template Name" to something intuitive, eg. "My Provider".
  5. You may want to change "From" to your own email so that your provider can reply directly to you.
  6. Change subject to something that catches attention, eg. "URGENT: Please reboot my server".
  7. Change message to include all details you need you supply to your provider, eg. IP address, server ID, rack ID, login, steps to restart service or server etc.
  8. Save the template.
  9. Go to Contacts -> Add New Email Contact.
  10. Enter your provider's emergency email.
  11. You may want to disable sending UP notification to your provider, ie. just send the reboot request when your website/server goes DOWN.
  12. You may want to set to "Notify after X consecutive errors" to prevent sending reboot request for very short downtimes (possibly small network issues).
  13. Select "My Provider" as the "Notification Template".
  14. Save the contact.